Teeth Whitening

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In-Office Whitening: Immediate Results

Want to get a gleaming smile in just one visit? We are pleased to offer in-office whitening! In just a couple of hours, your teeth will be dramatically whiter. This option is great if you have a wedding, job interview, or other big upcoming event. Because in-chair whitening can be done in one visit, you can fit in your teeth whitening over an extended lunch break. The convenience of in-office whitening makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual – versus days of wearing trays and gradual whitening.
We will also send you home with touch-up trays to keep your smile bright! Please note that you may experience some sensitivity as in-office whitening uses a stronger amount of whitening agent. In-chair whitening is also more expensive than take-home because the results are immediate.

Take-Home Whitening: Affordable & Convenient

Take-home whitening is also available! This process includes a whitening solution that is held in place by a clear, custom-made tray similar to the mouthpieces worn by athletes. To get the results you want, you must whiten for 30-60 minutes – once or twice a day – for up to four weeks. The choice is yours!
The benefit of take-home whitening is you have more control of the whitening. If you feel your teeth are getting too white, you can stop. You control the process to determine how bright you want your smile to be.


What about over-the-counter kits?
Many of the whitening strips and pastes that you can purchase at the pharmacy have a weaker whitening agent and are not as effective. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening is safe, effective, and performed under the supervision of a dental professional.
How long will the results of my whitening last?
Usually, your teeth will look brighter for about six months. This is greatly affected, however, by your oral hygiene routines and how much teeth-staining foods and drinks you consume. Be sure to brush and floss regularly with the proper techniques. Consider reducing your intake of staining beverages.
How can I keep my teeth white?
Refresh your smile with a teeth whitening treatment every year or two, as needed. Schedule a checkup every six months to polish away any new stains.

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