Crowns & Bridges

Custom Tooth Crowns in Katy

Think of a crown as a protective covering. It goes over your tooth to ensure that no damage can occur. As well as improving the aesthetics of your smile, it makes the tooth stronger and more stable. Crowns can be made from different materials including porcelain or porcelain mixed with metal, depending on which tooth is receiving the crown.
Getting a dental crown usually requires two separate visits. During the first, we’ll prep your tooth by reducing it slightly to make room for a crown to fit over it. Next, we will take impressions to create a mould of the prepped tooth, then send it to one of our labs where your permanent crown is designed. On your second visit, we’ll replace the temporary crown with your permanent one and make sure everything looks and feels just right.

Dental Bridges to
Fill a Gap

Are you missing one tooth or multiple teeth in a row? Restore your smile with a dental bridge! Just like the name indicates, a bridge is three or more crowns joined together that spans the gap where other teeth have gone missing. Bridges can match your natural teeth so it fits in seamlessly with your smile.
When you have a dental bridge, proper oral hygiene is very important. You need to keep it extremely clean by gently brushing and flossing around it. Otherwise, plaque can accumulate around the edges and interfere with the health of the tooth in those areas.


Does it hurt to have a crown or bridge done?
We know that many people feel anxious about having dental care because they anticipate that discomfort will be involved. When you have a crown or bridge done at our clinic, we take every measure to keep you comfortable. You will be fully numbed before we begin your procedure.
Do you have sedation options available?
Yes. If you are one of many who are anxious about going to the dentist, we can restore your mouth to a healthy condition while using safe oral sedation techniques. You will feel relaxed and drowsy during the procedure, with little or no memory of the appointment.
Are there alternatives to having a dental crown or bridge?
There may be more than one option that is suitable for your situation. Our dentists will go over each with you so you are fully aware of the pros and cons involved with each treatment. A dental crown is ideal for cases where you don’t want to lose the tooth and a filling is too small to address the damage.
How long do crowns and bridges last?
The average length is between 7-15 years. If you keep healthy hygiene habits and come in for regular checkups, they’ll likely last for longer. We’ll advise you on exactly what to do to extend their life as long as possible.

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